What’s the Ideal Age to Remove Age Spots

San Jose Age SpotsAt first, they seem to appear out of nowhere on your face, hands, and other sun-exposed parts of your body: age spots. Perhaps initially, you’re able to cover them up with makeup, at least the ones on your face. But before you know it, you have these telltale signs of aging all over your skin, seemingly ruining your once beautiful complexion. What’s a woman or man to do?

Because age spots can be such an unsightly condition, especially when they appear on the face, many patients turn to Dr. Sani at Sani Aesthetics for laser or microneedling treatment to remove them. The specific treatment plan is selected based on a number of variables, including the color of the patient’s skin and the color and severity of their unwanted pigmentation marks. But, is there an ideal age to start treating age spots? When should you start coming in for treatment?

Rethinking “Age Appropriateness.”

Every year Dr. Sani sees patients to remove severe Age spots in Los Gatos that are difficult, but not impossible, for him to treat. These patients have often suffered from carrying these unattractive marks on their face and bodies for years, initially thinking that they were “too young” to receive laser or microneedling treatments to remove age spots, and waiting to see Dr. Sani until the problem has become severe.

Think again.

As Dr. Sani often explains to his patients that laser and microneedling treatments for age spots should be considered a regular part of your skin hygiene regime. You should treat age spots when they first appear and are minor issues – regardless of how young you are – before they become a bigger problem. While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need laser or microneedling treatment for age spots in your late teens, more and more of Dr. Sani’s patients are coming in during their mid to late 20s for these skin hygiene solutions.

So, What Are the Signs You Need Age Spot Treatment?

If there’s no magic age at which you should begin receiving age spot treatment from Dr. Sani, how’s patient supposed to know when his or her case of age spots is serious enough to begin treatment? There are a few different guidelines to know when you should seek age spot treatment, depending on your personal goals for your facial and skin aesthetics.

If you’re hoping to never have noticeable age spots, then annual preventative treatment in your mid-twenties may be in order. Think of it this way – if you don’t want cavities in your teeth, you brush your teeth a few times a day, floss daily and see your dentist for regular bi-annual checkups, right? The same is true with skin maintenance. If you want to prevent age spots from ever appearing, regular chemical peels or microneedling treatment can help.

However, if you would rather wait to receive treatment until you have noticeable age spots, then you should come into Dr. Sani’s office for a consultation as soon as you notice they have appeared.

Scheduling a Skin Consultation

If you’re ready to have your skin evaluated to determine if it’s time for laser or microneedling treatment, then don’t delay. Call Sani Aesthetics today at 408-740-5878.