RF Acne Scar Removal in San Jose

When acne has left its scars across your skin, you’re probably thinking about them every day when you look in the mirror. Scarring from acne can destroy your self-esteem and keep you home from important social events. So Dr. Sani strives to aid our patients in their journey to clearer skin. He wants to make a huge constructive effect on their confidence. If you or a loved one are ready to see clearer, healthy, more even skin, then please call our office for more information regarding our Genius RF scar eliminating procedure.

If you are experiencing anything from mild to severe scarring from acne, then you can increase the evenness and vibrancy of your skin using Genius RF therapy.

Dermatologists have been utilizing Radio Frequency energy treatments many years now, and the procedures are becoming increasingly successful. The Genius RF is a brand new kind of treatment. This new RF technology was developed in America by a manufacturer called Lutronic. There will be more material regarding it section. Contact us now by calling 408-740-5878. Dr. Sani gets amazing results and has many satisfied patients.

To get started, all you have to do it contact our office. After that, our patients are encouraged to ask our office staff any questions they may have about our RF treatments. The talented staff at our facility takes pride in helping any prospective clients. Clients should call to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Sani at that time. The initial appointment is necessary to collect information regarding your specific condition. We can also address any inquiries that you may have. Dr. Sani will gather information and ask questions about what you are looking for from the procedure. After this occurs, Dr. Sani is to determine a specific and tailor made course of action for skin condition that will result in clearer, radiant skin. Call us now to get clearer skin at 408-740-5878.

Where Do Acne Scars Come From?

To start with, acne is a long-term skin disorder that is caused when hair follicles are blocked up with oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The clogged pores develop an infection in the follicle and manifest as a swollen, irritated lump in the skin.

The human body produces an important protein called collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that gives your skin its elasticity. Meaning it gives your skin its shape and firmness. Sometimes when your skin is healing from the infection in the hair follicles, the collagen is harmed during the process. This is more common in some sufferers than others and the damage can lead to elevated and pockmarked scaring left by acne.

How Do You Remove An Acne Scar With a Radio Frequency Energy?

Clients will have major, positive, confidence boosting change after experiencing RF therapy on their acne scars. Below is more information regarding RF treatments.

  • To heal acne scars you have to get your skin to produce collagen and tighten the skin layers. That’s what RF therapy is for.
  • Dr. Sani will utilize the RF energy to create a heat deep inside the layers of the skin.
  • The heat will target the collagen proteins and their production will even out the scarring left over from acne.

Some patients will only need on session to minimize their scarring. However, some patients will have to schedule more appointments as everyone’s skin is different. Sessions will last around an hour but sometimes not even that long. The treatment is almost pain free but Dr. Sani does prefer to use a numbing agent prior to the treatment.

What Happens After I Receive RF Acne Removal Treatments?

Clients are always wondering what they can look forward to after their RF treatment. As Dr. Sani prefers to utilize the Genius RF for acne scars in San Jose his patients have a very minimal post procedure down time.

For the first day after your treatment, Dr. Sani will provide you with particular instructions for taking care of your skin. Sometime after the treatment the top layer of your skin will being to peel. Not many clients who have used this treatment see this result after day one, but between days two and five, you should see the beginnings of the results and it will continue to improve after a few days.

Ready to get started?

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