Watney J. – Yelp

I originally came here because I had a coupon. I had been thinking about getting botox treatments and I wanted to know what the best route was for me to reach my beauty goal.
The staff in this office are very friendly, . Dr Sani discussed different treatment options with me and allowed me time to think it over. He provided pamphlets with information about each procedure.
I decided on using HALO instead of getting a face lift. I am young but lost a lot of weight and my face had wrinkles and loose skin. Downtime was 3 days instead of 3 weeks. Other people noticed a change but couldnt say what was different. It took about 2 months before I noticed the change myself. But it was a suttle change over time.
I look 15 years younger and am delighted with the results.
Thank you Dr Sani for your addressing my concerns. He educating me on procedures offered and explained why he made certain recommendations over others that were avail to me.
Everyone in the office pitched in to help me feel comfortable on the day of my procedure. I have had many compliments on my skin care. (Wink)
I highly recommend any procedures offered by Dr Sani at his office.

*Individual results may vary