Tina M. – Yelp

Dr. Omeed Sani is an amazing professional. I went to see him because of some aging issues I wanted improved. Dr. Sani listen to my concerns, gave me his honest opinion and how he could help me achieve the appearances I was looking for safely. Dr. Sani is very sincere and I felt he cared about me not only as his patient but as a person. I have not had any Doctor give me their undivided attention and really care about my interests or opinions as a person like Dr. Sani. I’m being vague as what procedure I did for a specific reason that I’m very private but let me assure you stop looking for a more qualified doctor because yes you have found him. Book your appointment and in matter of minutes you’ll look beautiful and have a new you!!! I promise. Dr. Sani was gentle and minimized any pain or discomfort, honestly I had none. Thank you Dr. Sani for caring about your patients and taking the time to listen to our end results rather than rushing because time is mere the essence for you, my insecurities were more important than anything else and this makes you a fantastic and above average Doctor! !!

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