Kq H. – Yelp

Dr. Omeed Sani performed a Halo Laser skin treatment on my face in December 2015, and I got to tell you how much I love the result! The Halo Laser machine he used to treat me is state of the art, equipped with the newest laser technology which is able to detect problematic areas, target then treat them. The whole procedure was short and painless and I got back to my routine very quickly. At my follow-up appointment, upon looking at my pictures before and after treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to see on my skin that sunspots mostly gone, pores tightened, acne mark faded, complexion smoothened. I feel absolutely like a brand new person!
Halo Laser treatment is amazing! I will highly recommend it to anyone who has skin problems such as uneven pigmentation, sunspots, acne marks, acnes, and freckles, etc. The machine penetrates the cells and does its wonder to treat problems and make your skin glow.
Dr. Sani is simply remarkable! He is skillful, knowledgeable, patient, caring, honest and courteous. I wish all other doctors I’ve encountered are like him. He is one of the best doctors I’ve had and I am very happy to have found him to be my skin treatment doctor. I definitely recommend Dr. Sani to anyone who needs skin treatment.

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