Janet T. – Yelp

I came here for Botox treatment after finding a great deal on Groupon. I have never had Botox and really didn’t know what to expect or even where I should have it. The office is located conveniently close to highway but the complex can be a little confusing. The reception area is clean and the receptionist is very nice. I think the office is shared with other physicians and so I saw elderly patients there that were obviously not there for beauty treatments. I had a brief wait around 10 minutes before being led back to the treatment room. I was kindly offered some water. The treatment room was appropriately sized and there were lots of brochures over various treatments. Dr. Sani arrived shortly and he was very nice and professional (not to mention handsome). He educated me a lot that day about my skin and what treatments would help me at my age. He didn’t try to oversell me anything-as a matter of fact he didn’t try at all. He just answered my questions and was very honest about what kind of results I would have. He proceeded to give me my Botox injections which were painless but I have high pain tolerance. I can see how some people might squirm a bit. It was only 20 units of Botox so the area treated was limited but the results are incredible. I plan on going back for more and to schedule another procedure with Dr. Sani! Great service and expertise!!