beauty73 – RS

Halo Laser skin treatment was probably one of the best things I’ve done in 2015! I’ve had all kinds of skin problems when I was growing up and they have been piling up since I was in adolescence. I remember by mistakenly applying some kind of acne ointment on my skin when I was a teen, I had my pores closed to my nose enlarged. As years went by, I’ve collected acne marks and sun spots spread mostly on the cheeks of my face. Now after just one Halo Laser treatment, my skin texture was more even and smoother, sun spots were mostly gone, and pores were tighter. The whole procedure was painless and I was able to get back on my routine in no time. For the first time, I feel younger and more confident in how I look.
I would recommend Halo Laser to anyone who has skin problems such as uneven pigmentation, sunspots, acne marks, acnes, freckles. The laser penetrates the cells and does its wonder to fade those stubborn spots.

*Individual results may vary