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300-dpi-Rendered-with-Logo_April14'15Throughout your life, skin can lose its natural glow because of elongated sun exposure and inevitable aging. As a consequence, your skin starts to develop sun spots, discoloration, and lines. Older treatments couldn’t always give you the results you wanted in removing the damage, because there was no way to pinpoint the treatment to the exact needed location and depth. Halo removes years of abuse by focusing on the exact spots and the correct depth. Halo also revives the youthful glow you’ve been trying to retain since you were young.

How we achieve results you want with Halo Laser:

  • Individualized treatment to target exact damage locations
  • Restore tone and texture while banishing lines and wrinkles*
  • Minimize pores to improve glow
  • Pliable treatment levels and recovery times

*Halo Hybrid Treatments remove these features. Results differ from patient to patient.

The Glow You Get From Halo

All skin is different, as are everyone’s needs. Halo provides your personal specialist the ability to construct an individualized treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle.  Can’t take a day off for recovery? That’s just fine, considering this light treatment give you velvety, youthful looking skin that’s ready for your makeup routine the very next day. Do you want to show off a little (or a lot)? A more extreme treatment will allow your skin to show off its new glow after just a couple of days of rest.

Our Reviews

Phenomenal Results with Cosmetic Lasers

Traditionally, you were given the option to pick either a treatment that gave phenomenal results but took weeks to recover from, or a less effective procedure with a quick recovery and baseline outcomes. Halo gives you the best in both experiences: the results you want without waiting an eternity. Halo incorporates a deep dermal revival, with a renewal of your epidermal for a unique effect that other treatments can’t provide. The results of Halo are impressive to say the least while the downtime to provide them is on par with treatments that are far more aggressive.

Halo hits hard on the things that damage your skin and take years off your look, such as:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Immediate signs of aging
  • Conflicting skin tones
  • Enlarged pores
  • Weak texture
  • Fine lines*
  • Scar revision*

*Only available with the Halo Hybrid Treatments

Halo Laser FAQ

What results can I expect?

Halo is the ultimate package in skin rejuvenation. The improvements in the texture and tone of skin, the significant reduction in different colorations of the skin, fine line reductions, pore size reduction, and a reinvigorated reflection in skin are all improvements you can see.

How many treatments do you need?

A defining aspect of Halo treatments is deciding how many to get! Consult with Dr. Sani about the needs of your skin, and you have a choice between a single or double aggressive treatment, or taking multiple treatments that lack the aggression but provide the results over a longer time span.

What happens during treatment?

Roughly a half hour to an hour before the procedure starts, Dr. Sani may apply a topical anesthetic on the skin to nullify the feeling during a procedure. Afflicted skin area will then be measured in area to authenticate that all areas are treated evenly. Dr. Sani then treats all the measured areas with the Halo hand piece by unrolling it until the system notices that treatment is complete.

What does Halo feel like?

Having an anesthetic incorporated side-by-side with specialized cooling technology leaves patients with the most minimal feelings of discomfort. In context, patients portray the specifics of the operation as a warm feeling with moderately frequent poking sensations. They are, however, generally comfortable with the feeling. Post treatment, many patients continue to feel the heated sensation for upwards of thirty minutes, whereas deeper treatments leave the sensation there longer.




How soon after my treatment can I return to my normal activities?

In the first day after treatment, keep your face well protected under the orders of Dr. Sani. After that period, you should be able to return to your daily regiments. After a 24 hour cycle, the skin begins to peel; however, you can still put on makeup. Facial treatments see very little change over the first day. In another 48 to 72 hours, you will then begin to see a lighter, bronze tone on your skin. On the third or fourth day, this layer will peel, thus revealing your new skin underneath.

When will I see results?

Possibly taking up to five days to show results, the Halo treatment will continually improve your skin over time. Many patients see the greatest results in the first two to three weeks after the treatment has occurred. A dermal regeneration phase provides a continuation of these effects for months to come.

How long will the results last for me?

As with any treatments, even though Halo provides long lasting results, you should still be cautious and protect the newly recovered skin from harmful UV rays by using sunscreen. Subsequent Halo treatments will only improve the results further, providing an even better look in overall skin heath.


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