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Squinting and frowning creates furrows (wrinkles) in your skin around your eyebrows as they contract. These lines become more prominent as you age because your skin loses its elasticity.

Frown lines (lines and wrinkles around your forehead and eyes) can notably affect first impressions, whether it’s with family, friends, work, or out and about. With XEOMIN, you can temporarily minimize the look of those severe frown lines you’ve been trying to hide and holistically change the notion others have about you.

Why Should I Choose Xeomin?

An FDA-approved prescription medication made with the same ingredient, XEOMIN focuses on the nerve endings in your muscles and creates an obstacle so that the signals that cause contractions in your muscle fibers can’t be received. This successfully lessens the look of frown lines.

XEOMIN is recommended by Dr. Sani for patients who have these beauty concerns, as well as others. The XEOMIN treatment may be right for you if you:

  • Are of adult age with frown lines between your eyes.
  • Are not allergic to XEOMIN or any ingredients within XEOMIN.
  • Are healthy enough to withstand aesthetic care.

For your knowledge and safety, see the full medication guide and prescribing information provided to you by the Sani Aesthetics in case a discussion of risks and advantages is needed.

XEOMIN® Before and AfteXEOMIN® Before and Afte

*Results may vary

Xeomin Treatment For Patients

Once Dr. Sani has discussed with you, answered all your question about XEOMIN, and made certain that this treatment is right for your needs, the procedure will take place at the Health & Beauty Physician’s offices.

XEOMIN is a non-invasive application, and takes just a few moments to complete:

  • The treatment lasts only about 20 minutes
  • Sani will apply a topical numbing agent to ensure a painless therapy at request
  • The XEOMIN will be injected by Dr. Sani into the trouble spots that are the cause of your frown lines.

Within about seven days, you will notice less significance in your frown lines and will see the full advantage of your treatment within two weeks. XEOMIN lasts up to six months-at the end of the period you are more than welcome to come back to Sani Aesthetics for a re-treatment.*

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Reduce the severity of frown lines and brow furrows and let people see the real “you.” XEOMIN patients can schedule an initial consultation with Sani Aesthetics by calling 408-740-5878 or contacting us online.