VI Chemical Peel®

VI-Chemical-Peel VI Peel Chemical Skin Peel

Patients who want healthier-looking skin, more even tone, or a reduction in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and blemishes may benefit from the VI Peel ® by Vitality Institute.

The VI Chemical Peel can help patients with almost any skin type improve the look and feel of their skin.* Whether you want to address concerns on your face, eyes, chest, hands, arms, or back, Health & Beauty Physicians can create an aesthetic plan for your needs.

*Individual results may vary

Why Have a VI Chemical Peel?

Precision Peel - Chemical Skin Peel

In the course of your life, your skin goes through a lot, whether it’s from sun exposure, blemishes, wrinkling, or aging. Waiting beneath this upper layer is new skin that is usually smoother, more youthful in appearance, and healthier-looking. A chemical peel allows you to shed the old skin so that the new skin can be unveiled.

Health & Beauty Physicians recommend VI Chemical Peel to patients because the Vitality Institute line of products can:

  • Improve the appearance and feel of skin.*
  • Reduce the visibility of age spots, acne and acne scars, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation.*
  • Restore fullness in areas of lines and wrinkles.*
  • Encourage the body to produce collagen, which can create smoother, younger-looking skin.*

*Individual results may vary

Dr. Sani often combines the VI Chemical Peel with other aesthetic procedures, including facial fillers and injectables, to achieve the best results. He will review options with you during your initial consultation.

About Treatment for VI Chemical Peel Patients

Health & Beauty Physicians offers a complete suite of VI Chemical Peel products, including:

  • VI Peel. Vitality Institute’s banner brand for improving the tone, texture, and clarity of the skin. VI Peel addresses a host of skin issues for patients with a variety of skin types.
  • Dr. Sani may recommend VI Chemical Peel’s Precision brand for more difficult areas of hyper-pigmentation. Precision uses a higher concentration of ingredients for a 25% stronger application.
  • Plus Booster. The Booster product both unclogs the pores and increases collagen and elastin production. It uses ingredients that promote healthier-looking skin, including Vitamin C, hydroquinone, and kojic acid, and it applies hydrocortisone to reduce irritation and redness as well as more stubborn problems such as hyper-pigmentation and melasma.
  • Purify (for Acne). For many of our patients, VI Chemical Peel is a pathway to skin that is clearer and smoother. The Purify compounds address blemishes, mitigate acne scars, and encourage healthier skin.

Dr. Sani can advise you about how the procedure works. Patients typically experience little-to-no discomfort and downtime, and with 2-4 peels each year and proper ongoing care, they can expect to see significantly younger-looking skin.*

*Varies from patient to patient

Health & Beauty Physicians encourages successful results by including the Post Peel System with each VI Chemical Peel procedure. A combination of skin exfoliants and sun protecting creams, this home care kit helps you to get the most from your treatment.

To learn more about healthier, clearer skin, call or email Health & Beauty Physicians about the VI Chemical Peel. Patients can reach us at (408) 636-7101 or online.

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