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Sagging is caused by lack of elasticity in aging skin, and is a perceived effect on patients as they age. Until recently, classic treatment was mainly about painful, unpleasant surgical operations with elongated recovery to gain the results you wanted. But now, with Sciton’s new SkinTyte process, there is finally a better way to tighten your skin and get that youthful look, without having to undergo a bothersome surgery.

The SkinTyte Process

SkinTyte uses a pulsed light technology to warm the deeper layers of your skin, while the very top layers stay cool to keep you safe. This infrared energy triggers your dermal collagen’s innate instinct to heal itself, encouraging new, fresh collagen to grow on your:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Stomach

SkinTyte is safe for any and all areas of the body. Dr. Sani will provide a treatment plan specialized based on your individual needs during your starting consultation.

SkinTyte Los Gatos

* Your Results May Vary

Skin Tightening in Los Gatos

* Your Results May Vary

Advantages Of SkinTyte

Unlike usual laser procedures, SkinTyte does not hurt the top layer of your skin. Instead, it brings comfort by regularly cooling it through the duration of the treatment and recovery time. The advantages of the SkinTyte procedure when equated to classic treatments involve:

  • Immediate recovery
  • Lack of expensive skincare regimens after the process.
  • Instant viewing results after your treatment (final product to come four months after the treatment).

Those who would rather a non-invasive, non-surgical replacement with the phenomenal refinement of skin texture are the absolute best candidates for the SkinTyte treatment. This therapy works very well for all skin types and pigments.

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What Happens During The Treatment?

SkinTyte procedures usually take about thirty minutes for Dr. Sani to achieve.* No numbing agents are typically needed prior to the treatment; however, if you have especially sensitive areas being treated, you may request Dr. Sani administer a topical anesthesia. When getting to the Sani Aesthetics, you will:

  • Feel a pattern of quick, gentle pulses as Dr. Sani moves the state-of-the-art SkinTyte laser across the designated areas.
  • Need a couple of passes for the therapy to take its full effect and give you the most excellent results imaginable.

Even though patients will feel an instant effect in their treated areas, the awe-inspiring results of your treatment will usually take about four months, so as to give the fresh collagen ample time to grow.* Depending on the results you are aiming for, you may want to have multiple treatments to reach your yearned-for skin of choice.

Post-Treatment Effects And Recovery

After a SkinTyte treatment, the only side effects reported by patients is a minute redness of the affected area immediately following the procedure. This redness tends to disappear within just a few minutes of stepping foot out of the office, allowing you to head back and continue your normal daily activities.

*Recovery time differs between patients. Individualized results vary.


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