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Many people don’t know it, but the largest organ in the body is our skin, and its main job is to protect us from foreign invaders such as bacteria, fungus, infections, and more. Our skin regenerates quite quickly; however, over time, that regeneration may slow down and require some assistance from us. One of the most common things we see in patients is skin discoloration, and while it is common, it may be something more serious if you or members of your family have a history of skin cancer. Don’t worry though; there are many treatment options available for patients suffering from skin discoloration.

Dr. Sani’s reputation has quickly grown over the years when it comes to his treatment for skin discoloration. This is largely due in part to his bedside manner, patience, and the care that he gives to each of his patients.  This increase in reputation comes as no surprise, as Dr. Sani is quickly becoming one of the most popular surgeons in the nation. He was just named one of the top-rated in his profession by Consumer Research Council of America.

Are you tired of suffering with skin discoloration or just looking to improve the texture, look, and feel of your skin? If so, call Dr. Sani at 408-740-5878. The dedicated office staff is waiting to talk with new patients. Just looking to get some information and not ready to get a procedure done yet? That’s fine too; our staff doesn’t mind answering questions or concerns that you may have about your skin or possible treatments.

Once you call our office, we will set up a preliminary meeting for you to meet with Dr. Sani. During this meeting, the doctor will talk to you about your concerns and do an examination if you wish to figure out what exactly is going on, as well as answer any questions you may have. After this meeting, Dr. Sani will work with you to form a customized treatment plan that will help you get the results you are looking for. To set up your first meeting, give us a call today at 408-740-5878.

Skin Discoloration: What Is It Exactly?

The human skin is made up of many different things; however, the one thing that gives us our skin color is called melanin. While this dictates what our skin color will be, it also protects us from things such as the sun.

As we get older, the melanin in our skin will sometimes clump up together or clot, so to speak. This will cause dark spots or patches. Now, most of the time, these patches are 100% harmless. However, it is still important to get them checked out by a doctor, just to be safe.

Treatment for Skin Discoloration

The main reason our patients schedule an appointment with us is because they notice some sort of patch on their skin which is different than their normal color. Patients immediately think this is cancer and it can become quite difficult for them. However, getting treated for this skin discoloration is normally one of the first thoughts on an individual’s mind.

There are many different procedures and treatments that individuals can have done to fix these skin discolorations as they experience them.

  • Laser Treatment – Dr. Sani has a great deal of experience when it comes to laser treatment for treating skin discoloration. He utilizes the Halo Laser which was designed by Sciton in all of his treatment procedures. This treatment option is one of the preferred methods because it not only helps increase the rate of healing, but it also allows you to achieve the desired results with a lower number of treatments required.
  • Broadband Light (BBL) Treatment – This treatment option uses a therapeutic, pulsating light to correct the pigmentation in the skin. The good thing about this treatment option is: there is very little to no pain associate with it, as well as the recovery time is basically instant.

Many people prefer the laser treatment options over surgical options because they are non-invasive procedures. This allows individuals to return back to their normal lives pretty quickly afterward. Not only are these procedures non-invasive, but they don’t normally take a lot of time to complete, so the time individuals are out is normally very short.

Some individuals will experience tenderness on their skin or redness around the treated area; however, this normally disappears in a couple hours. Dr. Sani and our staff are trained to perform these procedures and normally use options that allow for numbing of the skin prior to the procedure.

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