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Rosacea can be an exasperating and embarrassing skin condition. It is a very difficult condition to treat and you’ve probably tried everything from natural remedies to topical cream and even oral medications, but to no avail. Rather you have been struggling with the condition for multiple years or if you have just started to see it crop up on your skin you’re probably struggling to find a solution.

Luckily for you, our clients are receiving amazing results with a series of innovative rosacea treatments. Rosacea sufferers of all kinds who set up appointments with Dr. Sani can experience some of the most skilled investigative and treatment processes in the country. Dr. Sani uses everything from laser therapy to broadband light to cure rosacea, which is why he is such a sought-after cosmetic surgeon for secure, quick and, lasting procedures.

Dr. Sani is one of the best and most desired physicians in all fifty states, as he is known for his precision, patience, and gentleness. This is exactly why the Consumer Research Council of America has named Dr. Sani one of the best doctors in the country. In addition, he’s the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Sani is diligently chasing excellence in the world of cosmetic correction. He deserves his amazing high status as one of the most skilled and thorough doctors in the area.

If you’ve had it with seeing your rosacea outbreak when it’s a bit warm in the summer, if you’re avoiding exercise from fear of a flare-up, or are even scared to enjoy a hot coffee, set up an appointment with Dr. Sani right now by calling 408-740-5878. Patients are encouraged to contact our office regarding any questions they may have about age spots. The talented staff at our facility takes pride in helping any of our prospective clients.

If you’re ready to make the change in your life, then of course set up an appointment for a consultation with our office, so that Dr. Sani can speak with you, discuss your rosacea case, and possibly conduct an initial examination. After that, our work is to tailor-make a course of action that is specific to your condition. We will consider every worry that you express and the results you are looking on your rosacea treatment. You can give over all the aspects of your treatment plan before you ever begin the treatments. Dr. Sani takes pride in utilizing his diagnostic abilities to give you clearer, healthy looking skin that you can be proud of. Start your journey today by calling 408-740-5878.

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What Are the Different Procedures Used to Heal Rosacea?

Our clients have many selections available to them to heal their rosacea. But what is rosacea? Rosacea develops when there is a surplus of blood vessels in the facial tissue that can rapidly fill with blood. The following treatments are designed to reduce this occurrence.

What is Broadband Light Treatment?

Most patients looking for answers for their rosacea will find that Broadband Light (or BBL) is best suited for them. Using this method of treatment, Dr. Sani will reveal
your rosacea-affected areas and then use a focused, pulsating, and remedial light. The light will encourage collagen construction in your skin to diminish wrinkles. The light will even out the pigmentation in your skin and shrink those little, superfluous blood vessels.

You should note that there are substantial advantages when you use Broadband Light Treatment to reduce your rosacea. This procedure involves no surgery and there is almost no recovery time, meaning it’s pain-free. Some clients who are treated with the Broadband Light have experienced minor irritation and soreness on their more delicate areas, and you will have the option of Dr. Sani using a numbing medication for the troubled areas.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy can also be used as an incredibly effective treatment and many of our patients experience amazing results. Dr. Sani prefers to use the Sciton Halo Laser. This laser is really a compound of two differing laser procedures. The Halo Laser eliminates rosacea after only a handful of appointments and delivers long term outcomes. Many of our clients experience clear skin for up to eight years. These clients receive four laser treatments once a month and see fantastic, life-altering results. Using our Halo Laser, most of our clients usually experience clearer skin within two to five days after treatments, though individual results may vary.

One big advantage of receiving the laser therapy for your rosacea is that the clients who experience an inflamed and lumpy nose, characteristic of rosacea, will experience amazing reprieve after a treatment with laser therapy.

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