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RADIESSE FILLERS FOR FACE & HANDS Sani Aesthetics focuses on non-surgical treatments to restore and preserve your natural beauty using proven fillers like Radiesse.

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Fine lines and wrinkles usually start to appear after you have hit your thirties. It can make a person feel less confident in their appearance, leaving them depressed and not wanting to go out in public, afraid of what people will think of their face. However, there’s a new procedure that may be right for you – called Radiesse.

Now while Radiesse is a marvelous treatment that provides amazing effects, it is important that you receive the procedure from a certified physician. Fortunately, Dr. Sani is a Certified Radiesse® Hand Injector and has aided many of our clients completely change the appearance of their hands.

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Radiesse is a filler that is injected into the skin. This filler is responsible for stimulating the collagen growth while restoring the volume of skin in the face. Over the years, collagen and elastin in the skin break down as we age, causing the fine lines and wrinkles. Our bodies are also not able to produce the amount of collagen to replenish what has been lost, causing the skin to lose strength and elasticity over the years. Radiesse can help reverse this effect with just one treatment.

Radiesse has been proven effective when it comes to smoothing the creases of the face, contouring the face and softening it, diminishing those fine lines and wrinkles that make you so self-conscious, and restoring the lost volume in the skin. The whole procedure takes less than an hour, which is great for those who may have busy schedules. Remember, individual results may vary, as do procedure times based on the results you are looking for.

Radiesse for Hands

Your hands go through a lot in your life time. Handshakes, paper cuts, and lots of callouses from hours of hard work. However, as we age, our hands age with us. The skin can begin to lose some of its volume. It begins to get thinner, tighten, or sag. This can make you feel embarrassed or awkward about your hands when tendons and veins start to protrude from underneath the skin.

Instead of trying to hide your hands with gloves, you can make an appointment for a brand new treatment called Radiesse for Hands. Radiesse for Hands can restore the volume and reduce the aging in your hands. Our clients have great results with this treatment and love their results. Radiesse for Hands is immediate and involves no surgery and is not invasive. No other procedure for hands is FDA approved.

What Exactly is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable filler used to plump wrinkled or folded areas of the skin, most often on the face. As it works, Radiesse stimulates the naturally-occurring collagen beneath your skin. It works immediately, can last for up to two years, and is a highly sought-after choice for dermal filling.

Radiesse treatments are most often given in the skin surrounding the nose and mouth. Some people who choose this procedure want to fill in wrinkled areas in their hands. Injections are administered under the skin with a tiny needle. The ingredients in Radiesse are nontoxic, nonallergenic, and compatible with your body’s natural tissues.

Who should not receive Radiesse?

If you have a history of allergic reactions or you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in Radiesse, you should avoid this procedure. You should also avoid Radiesse if you’re allergic to lidocaine or similar medications.

People with bleeding disorders — or anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding — shouldn’t use Radiesse. People with a history of herpes might have an outbreak following the procedure.

Never receive Radiesse injections when you have an active skin infection. All injection procedures carry the risk of infection.

Procedure for Radiesse

Dr. Sani will inject Radiesse in the office while using local anesthesia. It’s possible you may experience discomfort or a small amount of pain with each injection. Lidocaine is FDA-approved to be combined with Radiesse injections to ease any pain you may feel during the procedure.

First, Dr. Sani will determine where you need to receive each injection. Then, he will apply antiseptic to the sites where you’ll be injected. After that, your doctor will decide on your dosage. Finally, you’ll receive the injections.

Radiesse procedures can take as long as 15 minutes, depending on how many injections you need. You won’t have to spend any recovery time at the doctor’s office, and you should be able to go home immediately after you’ve received your injections.

What to expect after the procedure?

You can expect immediate improvement in the treated skin. Within a week, you should experience full results. Radiesse isn’t permanent, so you’ll have to repeat treatments as often as needed. For some people, treatments will only be required every two years. Others might need small maintenance injections in between major treatments.

Swelling shouldn’t be severe, and you should expect it to go down in no more than 36 hours. You’ll probably experience some bruising and discomfort, which you can alleviate with over-the-counter medicines.

While you’ll be able to return to your normal routine immediately, you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise or other activities. Your skin may be especially sensitive to sunlight, so avoid direct sun and heat for at least 24 hours or until your redness and swelling have gone down.

The Radiesse Difference

RADIESSE is the only dermal filler available composed of calcium-based microspheres, and has been shown to stimulate the natural production of collagen, for results that may last up to a year or more in many patients. Additionally, in clinical studies with leading hyaluronic acid injectable dermal fillers, results showed that RADIESSE patients were more satisfied with their results than patients treated with other leading wrinkle fillers. In addition, 30% less RADIESSE may be needed for correction when compared to Perlane injectable gel.

Fast Facts

Radiesse is an injectable, cosmetic skin treatment used to fill specific areas of the face and hands or needed volume. It stimulates your body’s natural collagen, filling in wrinkles long term and helping your skin develop new collagen in the process.

While Radiesse is considered nontoxic and hypoallergenic, there are still risks to treatment. Some side effects include swelling, pain, itching, redness, bruising, and infection at the injection site. In rare cases, the injection could accidentally be placed in a blood vessel, causing severe side effects.

Radiesse results are visible immediately. Full results will appear within a week of treatment. Some individuals enjoy long-term results for up to two years before repeat procedures are required.

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