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For patients who crave younger, tighter appearing skin, Nova Threads is Healthy & Beauty Physician’s most requested and most favored treatment. Those who have started noticing the appearance of wrinkles, saggy skin, or an aging condition known as “turkey neck”, will appreciate the safe, quick, and effective changes that they will experiences with this non-invasive treatment.

If you’re becoming bothered by the saggy skin and deep wrinkles on and around your face, be sure to get in contact with Sani Aesthetics at 408-740-5878. Our state-of-the-art office spaces offer comfortable and focused aesthetic treatments. We take the time to give each and every patient an individualized, personal experience, and will answer any and all questions you may have, while also laying your worries and concerns to rest. It is our promise to you to prepare you in full for your upcoming procedure(s).

If you’re interested about Nova Threads and would like to speak with a specialist to attain more information regarding the treatment, you are more than welcome to call our office to do so. The beginning step is to set aside a time that works best for you to meet Dr. Sani and discuss personal treatment options. During this initial consultation, you and Dr. Sani will converse about questions, worries, and goals. He may also give you a quick examination to be able to suggest to you a successful treatment plan for your personal skin type that will meet all your wants and needs. Please call us 408-740-5878 to see what Sani Aesthetics can do for you!

* Your Results May Vary.

What Collagen Is And Why It’s So Important

Think of your outer layers of skin as the walls of a home. The collagen acts as the inside wooden frame of the house, which holds the rest of your skin in place. In our youth, the collagen is fresh, making our skin strong and leaving it feeling soft and velvety. However, our collagen production lessens with age, while simultaneously weakening the amount we have left.

As seen below, starting a treatment with Nova Threads allows patients to kick start their collagen production in the focused areas that are in need of it most.

Topical Creams And Collagen

There are a variety of options for topical solutions such as creams and medicated ointments that claim to leave your skin looking more youthful by delivering the collagen directly to your skin. However, the problem with those forms of treatment is that the collagen molecules are much too big to be absorbed into the top layers of your skin, so they never actually get to reach their final destination-the deeper layers of your skin-where they’re very much needed.

How Do Novathreads Work?

Nova Threads can offer sound, lasting, and practically immediate benefits for those who are striving for tighter, more youthful looking skin. How it’s done:

  • Nova Threads are injected into the pre-determined focused areas that need the most work using a hypodermic needle.
  • The “threads” are made of an FDA-approved, absorbable stitches.
  • When Dr. Sani removes the hypodermic needle from your skin, the suture stays behind, allowing it to have time to be absorbed.
  • After the third step is when the Nova Thread therapy starts to kick in. As the stitches are absorbed into the skin, they activate a more elevated collagen production from the inside.

 How Soon Are Benefits Noticed?

Patients who undergo the NovaThreads therapy will see the end result in four to six months, when the threads are finished being absorbed.* However, you should start to see beginning benefits much before that, it all just depend on which NovaThreads treatment was chosen with you by Dr. Sani:

  • NovaMesh or NuMesh — results take longer to experience with these options
  • NovaLift of NuLift — these specific treatments have a higher absorbance rate with specialized barbs that Dr. Sani uses to immediately tighten your skin.

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