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Vibration assisted liposuction in Los Gatos

Here at Sani Aesthetics, we use a new technology to help you achieve the sculpted body that you’re looking for. Our technique, liposuction using vibrations, has all the benefits of conventional liposuction (reducing fat in trouble-spots to help you achieve the toned, lean silhouette you want) with reduced down-time after surgery.

Please note, however, that results may be different across individuals.

Our technique might be suited for you if you want reduced fat content in your trouble-spots (including due to conditions like gynecomastia), want leaner limbs and waist, and want a sculpted silhouette.

If these results interest you, keep reading to learn more about this advanced technique.

Benefits of Our Technique

In general, liposuction uses a cannula (small tube) to reduce fat content in targeted areas. While each area only has a small amount of fat removed, the entire effect is a leaner, more toned silhouette. However, traditional methods rely on friction or heat, and can lead to an uncomfortable procedure or less-than-desirable results. Here at Sani Aesthetics, we provide a new method of liposuction that uses high-speed vibrations to remove fat. This quick, efficient technique can offer a smoother silhouette (with a reduction of irregularities seen after traditional liposuction) with less time at the clinic.

Because of this new technique, we can offer a host of benefits. For example, this technique offers increased comfort since the vibration is less damaging to surrounding areas – leading to less discomfort, swelling, and better results. Also, since the vibrations are less damaging to the fat and tissue, removed fat can be reused in other zones, adding a natural volume.

After surgery, you might notice that your skin is tighter than after conventional liposuction. This is because the vibrations we use can help stimulate collagen production, leading to tighter, more youthful looking skin.

Please note, however, that results may be different across individuals.

What to Expect Before and During the Procedure

In your initial consult with Dr. Sani, you will get a review of the entire process, and discuss your vision and expectations. Dr. Sani will answer your questions regarding the procedure and help you get an idea for the final result. During this consult, we urge you to remember that liposuction is best for detail-oriented body sculpting, and is not well-suited for major weight loss.

We aim to always provide the best care and procedures. To ensure this, we will conduct a detailed physical exam before the procedure and will ask each patient to provide a medical history and previous medical records. This allows us to have a comprehensive view of your procedure to achieve the best results.

When it comes time to come in your procedure, here is what to expect.

  1. You will first receive a local anesthetic to numb the surgical area. The aim of this is to reduce any discomfort you might experience.
  2. You will not receive a general anesthetic (so as to reduce any possibility of excess bleeding).
  3. Dr. Sani will then make several small incisions in the surgical area and loosen the fat. Because the incisions are very small and non-invasive, you will likely not require any stitches.
  4. The entire procedure usually takes about 4 hours.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Once the procedure is done, you will be briefed on all recovery instructions. We will ask you to return 1-2 days after the treatment for a general checkup, and again a week later. You can expect to return to normal daily activities within 1-2 days.

After the surgery, you’ll be asked to wear a compression garment regularly for four weeks. This is in order to reduce any post-surgery swelling. While we don’t expect any discomfort, you might experience some soreness over the first two weeks. Dr. Sani might recommend medication to help with this. In the 3-5 days after the procedure, you might see some leakage from the small incisions. Use gauze or sterile bandages to help with this.

Within 6-9 months, you’ll be able to see your final results! These can be easily maintained, except due to changes from aging or weight gain/loss. However, you will ideally have a smoother, leaner, and more toned appearance than before.

* Results may vary across individual patients.

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