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Nail fungus generally begins as a white or yellow spot under the toenail or fingernail. As the infection gets deeper into the nail, the fungus may cause overall discoloration, leading it to thicken or crumble at the edges. Not only can it affect one nail – it can affect several. If the condition is very mild and it doesn’t bother you, you may not need treatment at all. However, if it’s painful and has thickened, you may require treatment.

One option you have is laser treatment for fungal nails. Many types of fungi can cause this, which includes dermatophyte fungus, yeast, and molds. These pesky microscopic organisms love to live in wet and warm environments such as showers and pools where it can be passed from one person to another. Exposing any body part to these environments may welcome the infection; however, feet are more likely to be affected.

Laser treatment may be right for you if you are experiencing the discolored yellow or white streaks on your nails, skin, or nail bed; there’s a buildup of skin and/or nail fragments under the nail; the nail is thickening, breaking, or separating from the sin; and if there’s discomfort when you walk or run.


Why Use Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment from Dr. Sani can be an effective method for fungal nails, because rather than taking oral medications, which can cause damage to the liver or even cause a breakout, because of it’s a targeted approach. Dr. Sani uses an FDA-approved method which involves a medical laser. These lasers emit light energy, which is then passed through the nail and the tissue that surrounds it. The light is then absorbed by the fungi, thus killing the unwanted infection. Before the treatment, you will be provided with paperwork that will help you better understand the risks and benefits of the treatment. This will also guide you on how to care for your nails so that you can get the most out of your treatment.

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How the Treatment is Approached

The first thing that is going to happen when you go in to get treated for your fungal nails is that Dr. Sani is going to spend some time with you to ensure that you understand the full extent of the procedure. He will make sure that you are comfortable with the method that he uses. Since he does have such a great demeanor while speaking to his patients, most patients have no problem referring other people to him.

When it comes time for the treatment to be performed, Dr. Sani will use a hand-held laser device on the infected nails and surrounding skin. He will pass over them several times. This procedure isn’t painful; however, you will feel a warm sensation or prickling sensation, but that discomfort can be managed based on Dr. Sani’s recommendation. The whole treatment will take around 30-minutes for 5-10 nails. Usually, you can go back to your normal activities after the treatment.

You should start to see some improvement after just one session, but it could take up to three in order to properly address and remove the infection. The sessions are generally spaced out in month spans of four. It could take up to a year to see the full benefits of the procedure.

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