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Juvederm VOLLURE in Los Gatos

Over time, your skin loses elasticity, which contributes to moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. While serums and creams work on the skin’s surface, JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC add volume to smooth these lines and folds, to help give you the subtle, long-lasting results you want.

JUVÉDERM VOLLURE softens moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth to produce subtle and long-lasting results for up to 18 months.

Juvederm Family Fillers

Juvederm™ is the #1 dermal filler collection in the world that offers 5 different products to meet your specific needs. Add volume to plump lips, smooth lines, or lift & contour cheeks—we have what you need to get the results you want.

Juvederm™ is a hyaluronic acid gel, which is injected into facial tissues to add volume and smooth away fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. Juvederm™ can also be used for general facial contouring and lip enhancement.

What Are Dermal Fillers For?

Dermal Fillers restore a smoother, more youthful appearance to the face and its smooth consistency creates a very natural look and feel. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of our skin, thus Juvederm™ is very safe. Mild bruising, swelling and redness around the injection area may occur.


JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC is injected into the areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur, including the “parentheses lines” around the nose and mouth. JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC is designed to temporarily correct facial wrinkles for a smoother appearance to the face for adults over the age of 21.


Over time, due to aging, wrinkles develop on your face, and nasolabial folds may become more visible. JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC is designed to temporarily add volume to the facial wrinkles for a smoother appearance to the face. The lidocaine in the gel improves the comfort of the injection by reducing sensitivity to pain.

What makes Vollure® different from other hyaluronic acid fillers?

It has a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid combined with Vycross technology, a means of strongly linking the gel together. This translates into a smooth filler that lasts longer. Additionally, less swelling is typical compared to other fillers, allowing for a quicker return to daily activities.

What is Vycross technology and which products like Vollure® use it?

Three Juvederm products utilize Vycross technology to impart great flexibility and less swelling in tissues of these hyaluronic acid fillers.   The Vycross Juvederm products include the following from least concentrated (lighter product) to highest (more robust structural filler):

Combine Vollure with other procedures for outstanding results!

Vollure can be combined with other products in the Juvederm family or combined with more complete facial rejuvenation by combining it with structural fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane Lyft, or Sculptra. Fillers such as Vollure may be combined with Botox to enhance facial rejuvenation in areas of wrinkles caused by muscle movements. Although usually not combined during the same treatment session, skin rejuvenation procedures such as IPL or laser skin resurfacing may complement the results from fillers such as Vollure.

Quick Facts on Juvederm Fillers


Volbella: lowest concentration HA product in Vycross family it provides lip augmentation and treatment of fine lines around the mouth.


Vollure: mid-weight or concentration HA product in Vycross family it is best used for layering around the lower face to improve laugh lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


Voluma: highest concentration HA product in Vycross family making for a more robust filler with lifting capacity for areas such as the cheeks and midface.

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