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Our new machine take less time for the treatment. Get your treatment done in just 35 minutes. Dr. Sani performs the entire procedure himself!

Coolsculpting is an extremely popular and invigorating therapy choice for folks who are near their ideal weight goal, but want to zap those pesky fat deposits that just won’t go away – even with dieting and exercise! This non-invasive, no anesthesia-required method (which is completed without being admitted to a hospital) is sparking major interest through Bay Area residents, who want to look and feel phenomenal.

For those who have extra fat deposits under their chin, on their belly region, their inner or outer thighs, or their arms, Coolsculpting could be the answer to getting the results you want to see in yourself. By freezing the fat cells in these mentioned areas, they are killed and then indelibly destroyed through the body’s innate termination system. Coolsculpting aids you in achieving the dream body you’ve worked so hard for without having to undergo the knife!

Individualized Action Proposals: Specifically Tailored For You

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction Treatment Los Gatos

No Two Bodies Are the Same

Your personal hands-on Coolsculpting specialist will work with you to find the right action plan that fits your specific wants and needs. Sometimes it only takes one visit with your specialist to attain your target. With numerous varying products to pick from, your specialist can create a plan of action that will get you the outcome you’ve been hoping for.

Reduce Fat with CoolSculpting in Los Gatos

Destroy Fat Where Swelling Isn’t Ideal

Sometimes, a tailored action plan may involve more than one Coolsculpting session. For instance, discarding of the fat depositories from your thighs and then banishing those love handles may be done at two separate appointments. However, some facilities have numerous Coolsculpting setups; therefore, it’s possible to tackle more than one issue simultaneously.

Body Contouring in Los Gatos CoolSculpting

A More Intimate Method of Changing for the Better

Your clinician will give you an experienced suggestion regarding which regions should be tended to, and how many times. The outcome will be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Which Areas Are Treatable?

  • chin and neck
  • breasts
  • arms
  • stomach
  • love handles
  • inner and outer thighs

How Does It Work?

So, CoolSculpting doesn’t involve knives or needles – how does it work? Dr. Sani of Sani Aesthetics begins by placing a gel pad on the designated problem area, followed by the CoolSculpting applicator, which administers a constant cooling. The appointment usually lasts an hour. Some patients state that within the first couple of seconds, the only bother is the chilling sensation of the applicator. As that chilliness numbs the area, most all patients say the complete 60 minute activity is entirely pain-free. Typically, Dr. Sani’s patients get lost in a book, explore the web, or enjoy a nice nap during the process.

When Do You Start To See The Advantages Of CoolSculpting?

The question that Dr. Sani answers the most about CoolSculpting is how much time it will take to reap the benefits of the recent session. In most cases, the patient will see the end results as quick as just three weeks’ time; however, sometimes it does take up to three months. It all depends on how quickly your body has destroyed the excess fat cells that were frozen during the treatment. For some, more than one CoolSculpting session may be imperative to achieve the wanted outcome. If you decide CoolSculpting is the right choice for you, and have it completed at Sani Aesthetics, Dr. Sani will be sure to construct an individualized action plan for your body, and double check the suggested number of treatments before you make your final decision.

CoolSculpting Benefits

The promise of shedding pesky pounds in problem areas without having to involve knives or needles sounds like a fantasy, but it’s not! Besides finally waving goodbye to those tenacious bulges, there are other advantages to the technique – first-off being safety.  CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA and is currently only provided by a couple of professional cosmetic surgeons alike Dr. Sani.

Also, CoolSculpting isn’t invasive! There is no anesthesia, no down time, no surgery involved at all. Because of this, coming in for treatment is a breeze. You can have it done on your lunch break for work, then continue working within a few hours. No down time means you can even get in a workout at the gym the very same day as your CoolSculpting therapy.

Not to mention, CoolSculpting is a successful therapy that permanently rids your stubborn fat cells. However, when bearing this treatment in mind, it’s vital for potential patients to remember that they need to be at a steady weight that’s as close as possible to their goal weight. This is necessary because while CoolSculpting permanently destroys the intended fat depositories, the ones that are left are forever changing in size and shape. If you go through with a CoolSculpting treatment and then carry on to gain a notable amount of weight, it’s possible that the abolished fat deposits could come back.

Lastly, the most substantial reported benefit of CoolSculpting is no scars! There is no surgery, therefore no cuts or incisions. No one will be aware that you had a CoolSculpting treatment done, and you won’t have to worry yourself with concealing a shameful scar.

How Can I Find Out If I’m An Good Candidate For CoolSculpting In Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, San Jose, And Sunnyvale?

CoolSculpting is a fantastic therapy option for those who:

  • Are close to their ideal body weight
  • Have pesky bulges of excess fat that they can’t shed, regardless of exercising and dieting
  • Prefer a non-invasive treatment unlike traditional surgeries such as liposuction
  • Are able and willing to be patient and wait up to three months to see their final outcome

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