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A hyperactive mentalis muscle contributes to a weakened and blunted-looking chin, and Botox acts on nerves to relax muscles and prevent them from contracting. Patients are injected with a low dose of Botox into the mentalis and then examined about two weeks later to assess the results. All treated with BOTOX have improvements in their overall chin appearance, with a change in how much the chin projected. The chins of the patients become more rounded after treatment, and the position of the pogonion, the most advanced part of the chin bone, moved forward. By relaxing the muscle, Botox improves the overall chin appearance by reducing tension and altering the projection of the chin and its overall shape. The results show it is effective at improving chin appearance. An under-projected chin can lead to a sad appearance, and this BOTOX treatment can fix that.

Botox for jawline contouring in Los Gatos

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