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Time is our greatest enemy and it’s particularly fickle for our skin. Sitting in the sun’s harmful rays is the leading cause of age spots. You may have noticed them appearing anywhere that you once tanned; your hands, face, arms, chest, and feet. If you’ve ever noticed them crop up on you skin, then you have probably thought tirelessly about how to eliminate them.

While age spots are complexly benign, you should always use extreme caution with newly developed skin abnormalities. Dr. Sani constantly advises our clients contact him straightaway once they notice any new odd-colored areas of skin on their bodies. Call Dr. Sani now at 408-740-5878.

When it concerns age spots, our clients are presented with a variety of avenues to select from to eliminate the spots for good. Dr. Sani is one of the best and most desired physicians in all fifty states as he is known for his precision, patience, and gentleness. This is exactly why the Consumer Research Council of America has named Dr. Sani one of the best doctors in the country. In addition, he’s the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco.

How to Get Started With Your Treatment

Patients are encouraged to contact our office regarding any questions they may have about age spots. The talented staff at our facility takes pride in helping any of our prospective clients. The majority of our day is spent answering questions, tending to the needs of our clients, and preparing them for their treatments. Pick up the phone and call us now at 408-740-5878 to learn more.

Even if you have age spots, you can still achieve the even complexion you’ve been missing; you just have to start by making an appointment with Dr. Sani. Your first appointment is the most important. At this time, Dr. Sani will speak with you and gather information regarding you procedure. You may vocalize your goal for the treatment and your concerns. That’s when the real fun begins. After the appointment, we will begin to develop you unique treatment plan. Dr. Sani will customize the plan based on your skin’s specific needs so that you will get the most incredible results. Call us today at 408-740-5878 to schedule your first appointment.

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How Did I Get Age Spots?

When you go out into the sun, your skin is exposed to UV rays. The skin immediately responds by beginning to construct melanin. Melanin is the component of the skin that is its pigment. Melanin will also defend your skin from the sun. Now when you go outside in the hot summer sun, you skin is beamed with UV rays and will create melanin that will manifest itself as a tan. But as we get older and our skin begins to age, our skin might begin to produce the melanin in concentrated areas. This can result in an age spot. Clients typically observe age spots developing on the sections of their bodies that have been exposed to the most sun, usually: the face, arms, hands, chest, back, and feet.

How Will You Treat My Age Spots?

Your age spots are normally completely harmless but they are unappealing, and many people go to great lengths to cover them up. However, there are now some excellent treatment opportunities that can almost instantaneously diminish age spots.

  • Laser Therapy – Possibly one of the most effectual procedure for age spots is laser therapy. Dr. Sani utilizes the Halo Laser by Sciton and the clients have experienced phenomenal outcomes from it. The Halo laser uses two distinctive treatments in one; it quickens healing, and it also reduces the number of appointments that you may require.
  • Laser Peels – An additional choice for our clients is our laser peels. This procedure peels off the top sections of the skin to make room for the new healthy skin underneath.

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