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Acne blemishes are caused by a complex skin disorder that is not just problematic for adolescents but also for adults. Acne can affect multiple areas, including the face, back, chest, and even arms. Sometimes it may seem like the acne is extremely noticeable to everyone around you. And if it’s not the blemishes that have you reaching for the cover-up, it’s the scars that remain after years of battling the condition. It takes gallons of makeup and careful color coordinating to begin hiding the damage, but it just never seems to be enough to reward you with your former self-assurance.

But there is a solution. Now with the skills of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sani, of Sani Aesthetics, you can feel confident, vibrant, and proud of your skin. Dr. Sani is an experienced physician with dark spots, differences in skin tone, and mild to severe acne scarring.

What is Acne and Why Does it Cause Your Skin to Scar?

The internet is filled with myths about what causes pimples, but acne is a long-term skin disorder that is caused when hair follicles are blocked up with oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The clogged pores develop an infection in the follicle and manifest as a swollen, irritated lump in the skin.

While acne affects hundreds of millions of Americans on a daily basis, not everyone with the affliction develops humiliating facial scars. You see, not everyone’s skin reacts to acne the same way, due to a variety of factors. The human body produces an important protein called collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that gives your skin its elasticity. Meaning it gives your skin its shape and firmness. Sometimes when your skin is healing from the infection in the hair follicles, the collagen is harmed during the process. This is more common in some sufferers than others, and the damage can lead to elevated and pockmarked scaring left by acne.

How Can I Heal My Facial Scarring?

Those who have been scarred by acne will be relieved to know that there are fillers, lasers, and micro-needling procedures that have been developed to handle even the most stubborn acne scars. The treatments aid sufferers from the smallest of scars to the most persistent. Regardless their skin tone, patients can obtain a balanced, smooth, and natural pigmentation. Come to the Bay Area’s Sani Aesthetics and have a consultation with Dr. Sani. There, he will assess your scarring and develop a custom course of action to treat your skin.

How We Can Eliminate Acne Scaring with a Halo Laser

When weighing your options for scar treatments, there are many laser procedures available to you, but Dr. Sani gets his results with the Halo Laser, because it works differently and provides specific benefits to his clients. The Halo Laser is a treatment that can single out those troublesome mid-skin-deep scars. This laser is able to treat patients who in the past were thought untreatable by other laser treatments.

The Halo laser aids those with acne scars by offering a resolution that:

  • Can be altered to accurately pinpoint their specific skin troubles.
  • Offers the bonus of minimizing pore visibility and gives the skin a refreshing luminosity.
  • Will be adaptable with treatment intensities and in recovery from the treatment.

Procedures administered with the Halo Laser are mild and easy. It is possible that you might see some mild irritation following the procedure. It will normally subside within a couple of hours after the procedure. To make it even easier, you can wear makeup directly following the Halo procedure to cover any inflammation should you need to return to any appointments following your treatment time.

If you are receiving treatments with the Halo Laser for acne scarring, you will get the best results from repeated treatments. However, each treatment will stimulate the proteins in the skin, working towards a more even complexion.

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How We Can Eliminate Acne Scaring with Micro-Needling

The Halo Laser offers fantastic effects for many of our clients, and we do offer other alternatives. This is highly recommended for those who experience acne and scarring but who also have darker skin tones. For the darker complexions, Dr. Sani recommends using a micro-needling procedure to treat unsightly scars.

We utilize a medical standard of GF to aid with collagen synthesis. A small, portable micro needling technology pinpoints the leftover acne scarring. This will motivate the growth of collagen and elastin. This will stimulate the skin’s natural revival process. For most patients, repeated treatments of the micro-needling tool are recommended for Bay Area clients to reach their hoped-for outcomes.

Act Now! Take the First Steps Towards Loving Your Skin Again

There are so many treatments that are readily accessible to you, so there’s no need to worry about covering up your scars and being embarrassed anymore. These treatments can target scarring on your face, back, chest, or arms. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the new you. At Sani Aesthetics, we can help you look and feel your best.

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