How Can I Remove My Acne Scars?

San Jose Laser Acne Scar RemovalIf you’ve suffered through an embarrassing case of acne, you may be devastated to find that while the acne may have cleared up, it has left scars on your skin – most prominently your face. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill to make this scarring go away, and no amount of makeup you can apply to hide these unsightly acne scars. However, patients with acne scarring are not without hope! Dr. Sani at Sani Aesthetics specializes in skin care because he knows just how much healthy skin can boost his patients’ self-esteem, and he provides Genius RF acne scar removal treatments in his San Jose office.

Understanding Acne Scars

To understand how laser acne scar removal works, it’s important to know why acne scarring appears in the first place. If you’re dealing with a serious case of acne, you probably already know that the pimples themselves are caused by clogged pores that contain dead skin cells and bacteria. Sometimes when these pimples go away, they leave scars on your face, back, chest or anywhere else you have acne.

Collagen production is necessary to naturally fill these acne scars and regenerate skin growth. But unfortunately, for some patients, they just don’t produce the right amount of collagen to naturally repair acne scars, and instead, are left with deep pores and scarring. Thankfully, laser acne scar removal can help stimulate collagen growth, thus motivating your skin to fill in these unwanted scars for good!

What Technology Does Dr. Sani Use for Laser Acne Scar Removal?

For eligible candidates, Dr. Sani prefers to use the cutting-edge Genius RF to remove unwanted acne scars. This incredible new acne scar RF treatment system works on even hard-to-reach, middle skin level scars – areas that other lasers may have failed to heal. The Genius RF is also a great treatment option for acne scar sufferers who attempted treatment with other laser types but didn’t receive their desired outcome.

In order to be a candidate for the Radio Frequency treatment, the acne scar sufferer should:

  • Have realistic expectations for their laser acne scar removal treatment after discussing their desired outcome with Dr. Sani and listening to his best estimation of what the RF can achieve in his or her unique case;
  • Understand that in order to receive their desired results, they may need multiple treatments and additional therapy such as chemical peels.

Call for a Consultation Today

If you have embarrassing acne scars that you want to get rid of for good, call Dr. Sani’s office today at 408-740-5878. During your consultation with Dr. Sani, he will listen to your concerns, evaluate your skin, and thoroughly explain the best treatment course and probable outcomes for your unique case.

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